Fee Structure

Our fee is one of the best value in Japan as low as ¥65,000 for Diamond Members. The Fee covers all auction buying costs, commission, de-registration and Export certificate creation as well as other expenses here in Japan.

For auctions around the Tokyo Area we even offer a Fee Inspection by experienced auction inspectors!! We provide lots of photos and our assessment of the vehicle prior to it being auctioned. So you can rest assured knowing you are buying a quality vehicle.

NO bidding fee!


Translation Fee!
No of Units
Bid Price ¥
Auction Fee
under 9
Under ¥200,000
¥200,000 - ¥1 Million
¥1 Million - ¥2 Million
under ¥1 Million
¥1 Million - ¥2 Million
under ¥2 Million
under ¥2 Million
  • Units measured over a 12 month period from first purchase.
  • If no purchases for 3 months, revert back one level.
  • All purchases over ¥2 Million, the fee is by negotiation.
  • Clients that pay shipping collect will incur an additional administration charge.
  • For Silver, Gold and Diamond members a minimum number of units per month are required to maintain the current level. Averaged over the last 3 months, Silver require 1 unit per month, Gold require 2 units per month and Diamond require 3 units per month.
  • Applies to purchases from auction sheet translations only.
  • Subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Inland Transport

Inland transport is charged at ¥10,000 from most auctions in Japan. Some auctions will incur extra charges, but you will be made aware of those charges before biding.