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Thanks for your interest in our company.

With over 12 years experience in the Japanese Automotive Industry, our small team of experts are here to help you.

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Thanks for your interest in our company.

This about us page is a little different than most, we've stayed away from the traditional corporate style, in favour of being more relaxed.

So gone are the suits and ties!

Auto Access Japan Ltd. is a medium size family run company (although the kids don't do much yet!) exporting quality Japanese used cars all over the world. We turn over between USD5-10 million per year and run an office in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, strategically located to access the various Auctions in and around Tokyo.

I'm Stuart McKean, an Australian that moved to Tokyo with the entire family in 2010. I have an extensive mechanical background as well as backgrounds in the commercial vessels, business and government. With the guidance and support of my lovely wife Aki, who has worked in government administration for a number of years, we established this company to seek out the best Japan has to offer in used cars.

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I did quite a number of years working for the NSW Government in Australia as a Boating Safety Officer. Pictured here on the beautiful Clarence River, situated on the far north coast of NSW, onboard the Tug/Pilot vessel the Frances Freeburn.

Most of the time, however, was spent on the patrol boat ensuring the safety of all waterways users.

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Prior to the government step, I worked for many years on Sydney Harbour with one of the largest cruise companies as a Commercial Master of vessels up to 24 meters in length and as a onboard Marine Engineer in charge of all machinery and engines up to 750 kilowatts in power. Generally the engine room consists of 2 main engines, 2 auxiliary engine or gensets, pumping equipment, electrical equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, emergency fire fighting equipment, bilge, refrigeration and the list goes on and on....

As a result I gain extensive mechanical experience during this time.

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Going back where it all started was as an apprentice Avionics Ground Engineer for an airline operating the Fokker F27 and F28 aircraft.

Throughout the whole period, though, my love has always been for cars...and now with the culmination of experiences across all those different fields, we are in a great position to offer our clients second to none service and the best quality Japanese used cars Japan has to offer.

Here's a picture of my first rebuilt when I was an apprentice. The Moke is a great car and this one ended up with a polished head, extractors, twin SU carbs, blue printed and totally rewired. The engine was reassembled on the bedroom floor...much to my mothers disgust!

Thanks again for your interest in Auto Access Japan and we look forward working with you.